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Récepteur GPS : Resolution T NAELCOM

Récepteur GPS : Resolution T

Emetteur / amplificateur pour radiocommunication


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Trimble’s Resolution™ T GPS Timing Receiver is a significant new development in GPS architecture: the general purpose, DSP-based software GPS timing receiver. The development of Trimble DSP/GPS software was key to this accomplishment.

Precise Timing Where You Need It The receiver is an all-in-view, 12-channel, parallel-tracking, embeddable GPS receiver designed to provide precise GPS or UTC time and synchronization for many static timing applications. The timing accuracy will provide for your current needs with plenty of headroom for future requirements.

This low-cost, yet highly accurate and reliable receiver allows the system integrator to put precise timing and synchronization into locations where cost or size is a limitation. Rather than sharing time from a single timing source, with the resultant delays and loss of accuracy, you now can have precise time (synchronization) at every location regardless of how isolated or remote.

Features Flexibility with Software To provide a true softwaredriven GPS timing receiver, the Resolution T receiver uses an off-the-shelf, software programmable, general-purpose, digital signal processor (DSP) in place of the usual custom GPS ASIC. Using a general-purpose DSP allows incremental software improvements to be implemented throughout the product life cycle. This is not possible in custom GPS hardware ASICs, because most features are permanently locked in the hardware design. The Resolution T receiver can be updated easily in the field with new features as they become available. The modular design also allows for both reduced integration time and low implementation risk.

1-PPS within 15 ns The Resolution T receiver outputs a 1 Pulse-per-second (1 PPS) timing signal accurate to within 15 nanoseconds of GPS or UTC (1 sigma) when using an overdetermined solution in a stationary mode.

3 or 5 Volt Antenna Compatible The receiver is designed for 3.3 VDC prime power, but provides a separate pin on the I/O connector for powering the antenna with a user-supplied voltage from 3.0 to 5.5 VDC.

Starter Kit The Resolution T Starter Kit provides everything you need to start integrating the module into your application. The kit includes an active, external 5VDC Bullet-style antenna, 50 feet of RG-59 cable, and an AC/DC power adapter. The starter kit enclosure includes a mother board that provides serial output, and a serial interface cable. A reference manual and monitor programs are provided on CD-ROM.

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