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Module GPS : Lassen SQ NAELCOM

Module GPS : Lassen SQ

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Trimble’s new Lassen® SQ module adds complete GPS functionality to your mobile product in a postage-stamp-sized footprint with ultra-low power consumption. The module is designed for portable handheld, battery-powered applications such as cell phones, pagers, PDAs, digital cameras, and many others.

Using Trimble’s breakthrough FirstGPS™ architecture, the module delivers complete position, velocity and time (PVT) solutions for use in the host application. The Lassen SQ module uses minimal power and space and delivers a robust, reliable PVT solution.


The Lassen SQ module is the only stamp-sized GPS product with the three most popular standard protocols: TSIP (Trimble Standard Interface Protocol), TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol) and NMEA 0183. The module is enclosed within a metal shield for ease of handling. The shield acts as a protective case.


FirstGPS Architecture The FirstGPS architecture consists primarily of two integrated circuits and FirstGPS firmware. This technology enables the Lassen SQ to achieve the unique combination of both ultra-low power usage and micro-size in the same unit.


Hardware The Lassen SQ module packages this architecture in a tiny form factor, (approximately 26 mm x 26 mm, including the metal shield). It typically requires only 110 mW of power (at 3.3 VDC). Total typical power usage, including the Trimble 3.3 VDC miniature antenna, is <143 mW.

The highly integrated module is a miniature board containing a GPS hardware core based on Trimble’s Colossus™ RF ASIC and IO-TS digital signal processor
(DSP) design and a 32-bit RISC CPU. The module offers onboard data storage in flash memory for complete processing capability.


Antennas The Lassen SQ module is compatible with active, 3.3 VDC antennas. Three such antennas are available from Trimble and are recommended for use according to your application:

  • An ultra-compact embedded antenna, approximately the same size as the module itself. This antenna is unpackaged, for easy integration into mobile applications.
  • A compact, unpackaged antenna slightly larger than the ultra-compact model above.
  • A compact, packaged antenna with magnetic mount for flexible, movable installation.

Starter Kit

The Lassen SQ Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started integrating state-of-the-art GPS capability into your application.

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