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Extrait du catalogue Solutions de sécurité MSA pour l'industrie

MSA Safety Solutions for Industry MSA - The Safety Company With operations on 5 continents, over 40 international locations and hundreds of distribution partners around the globe, MSA offers a unique range of safety products for a large number of industries. Supplied Air Respirators Air Purifying Respirators Head, Eye & Hearing Protection Fall Protection Body Protection Portable Gas Detection Permanent Gas Detection Thermal Imaging Protect Detect Escape MSA the Safety Company Protect people at work Detect to avoid disasters Escape for emergency situations A worldwide partner you can rely on • Shocks • Noise • Toxic gases • Toxic gases and vapours • Combustible gases and vapours • Particles • Oxygen • Fumes • Heat • Oxygen deficiency More than 95 years of experience and capability in comprehensive safety solutions have made MSA a modern and forward-looking company for the protection of people, facilities and the environment. Trust & Durability For nearly 100 years our passionate mission of safety empowers us, "The SafetyCompany", to protect lives. We are committed to providing the latest in innovative, best-in-class safety solutions that feature integrated systems capability and allow our customers to return safely to their families and friends. Every day our customers place their lives in our hands. In response, we provide them with protection they can trust, and their stories become our stories. Hand in hand we partner with our customers to earn that trust. • Gas and vapours Critical to MSA's mission is a clear understanding of customer processes and safety needs. MSA dedicates significant resources to research, which allows the company to develop a keen understanding of the specific safety requirements for a diverse range of markets. At MSA, Every Life has a Purpose • Projectiles • Particles Your direct contact MSA Europe Thiemannstrasse 1 12059 Berlin Germany Phone +49 (0)30 68 86-0 Fax +49 (0)30 68 86-1558 E-mail • Radiation Subject to change without notice ID 00-670.2 GB/01 MSA is a leading provider of innovative and sophisticated products that enhance the safety and health of workers throughout the world, including many industrial applications : - construction - iron & steel - water purification - electrical applications & working at dangerous heights - chemical industry - petrochemical & offshore industries - manufacturing & handling industries MSA International 1000 Cranberry Woods Drive Cranberry Township, PA 16066 USA Phone +1-724-776-8626 Toll Free 1-800-672-7777 Fax +1-724-741-1559 E-mail Providing the best products, services and support protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace. That's MSA's commitment. Because every life has a purpose... Protection at work Detection of the risks Head Protection Eye Protection Escape depending on the risk Gas Detection Air-Purifying Escape (O2 between 17 and 21 vol %) Industrial Helmets Fire-Fighting and Rescue Helmets Safety Spectacles Single-gas and Multi-gas Detector Automated Test System Fixed Gas Detection Helmets and accessories Falling objects, shocks, liquid splashes, electrical hazards Use of lifting devices, retrieval of items stored high off the grounds, handling of materials, cable breaking, earthworks... Multifunctional fire-fighting helmets Falling objects, fire, flame, fumes Fire fighting in buildings, tunnels or forest fires, traffic collisions, rescue in hazardous environments Shocks, particles, grains of sand, metal shavings, ultraviolet radiation, liquid or acid splash Machining, varnishing, polishing, tightening, assembling, quality review, outdoor activities, handling of hazardous materials Especially developed for industrial applications Combustible gases, O2, CO,H2S, NH3, SO2, Cl2, NO2, CO2, VOC and more Confined space, general leak detection, tank maintenance, trenching, manufacturing process emission, refining process, waste/water treatment... Simple & intelligent testing & calibration Offers high performances as either a stand-alone unit or an integrated portable detector management Field testing, maintenance workshops, Health and Safety Managers from any industry Wall mounted controller and gas monitors Combustible gases, toxic gases (H2S, CO, NH3, Cl2), oxygen deficiency Monitoring of toxic and flammable gases in boiler rooms, engine test beds, underground carparks and biofuel plants • Hearing Protection • Fall Protection • • Body Protection • Flame Detection • Environment Filter Escape Device Smoke and Gases Escape Device Disposable escape device, 5 minutes Toxic gases or vapours Laboratories and factories, storage and transportation of toxic gases or liquids, gas networks, high pressure valves, refrigeration equipment Escape hood, 15 minutes Smoke and gases generated by fires (CO), particles Rescue teams, escape device for hospitals, rest-homes, hotels, office buildings or assembly rooms • • Supplied Air Escape (O2 >21 vol % or <17 vol %) Electronic/FM & Passive ear muffs Fall protection equipment Gas Tight and Chemical Protective Suits Fire & Gas Detection System Flame Detector Refrigerant Leak Detection Monitor Ear muffs, helmet mounted ear muffs, foam and banded plugs Noise, isolation High-pressure cleaning, sandblasting, concreting, road surfacing, use of portable electrical, thermal or hydraulic machinery, pneumatic drilling, roadworks Fall protection equipment and fall arrest systems Falls from heights Full Body Harnesses, Energy-Absorbing Lanyards, Restraint & Positioning Devices, Anchorage Connectors, Tripod, Self-Retracting Devices Chemicals, solid , liquid and gaseous or vaporous hazards Natural disasters, decontamination work, plugging of toxic leaks SIL systems and Fire & Gas detectors Combustible gases, toxic gases (H2S, CO, NH3, Cl2), oxygen deficiency, fuel fires, flammable waste Monitoring of toxic, flammable gases and fires in petrochemical industries (transport, gas storage, refineries, chemical plants) Multi-IR or UV-IR detector Hydrocarbon fires and gas fires Monitoring and detection of flame in aviation hangars, oil rigs, hydrocarbon storehouses, gas carriers and pressure stations IR photoacoustics technology Refrigerant fluids, hydrocarbon vapours Monitoring of refrigerant concentrations in cold storage installations (food cold storage and airconditioning), engine test beds • • • • • • Compressed Air Escape Breathing Apparatus Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Compressed air, constant flow, escape breathing apparatus, 15 minutes Toxic gases or fumes, oxygen deficiency, particles Urgent escape from confined spaces or hazardous areas : boats, chemical plants, refineries, water purification plants Self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency escape Oxygen deficiency On ships or industrial facilities • Respiratory Protection Heat Detection • Air-Purifying Respirators (17%> O2 >21%) Supplied Air Respirators Thermal Imaging Cameras Chemical Oxygen Self-rescuer Filtering face pieces, half masks and full face masks with particle, gas or combined filters, powered airpurifying respirators Iron dust, wooden dust, asbestos, silica dust, phytosanitary products, fumes, gas and vapours Grinding, sanding, cutting, sweeping, sawing, bagging, machining, welding, brazing, plastering, insulation installation, pharmaceuticals, industrial processes, asbestos environments Breathing apparatus, airline systems Oxygen deficiency, containment Work in confined spaces, work in extreme temperature conditions (cold room, furnace…), sewer operations, tank or silo cleaning, streamlining Video transmission in option Hot points, outbreaks Fire attack, incident control, hazardous materials, ventilation, search and rescue, wild fires, fire watch Oxygen self-rescuer, 20, 30 or 60 minutes Oxygen deficiency Carriage of dangerous substances, nuclear power stations, oil rigs, silos, construction and working on tunnels, water purification areas, waste treatment facilities • • •

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Solutions de sécurité MSA pour l'industrie

Solutions de sécurité MSA pour l'industrie


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