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Extrait du catalogue SiriusWeb : La solution connectée de surveillance de vos températures et consommations énergétiques

M e a s u r e m e n t , m o n i t o r i n g a n d m e t r ology SiriusWeb Web The connected solution for temperature and energy consumption monitoring Smart Monitoring System Complying with the AFFI and HACCP standards, the SiriusWeb solution is based on the use of SPY RF recorders which measure and record temperature of all kinds of equipment in a restaurant : Walk-In Coolers/Freezers, Reach-in Coolers/ Freezers, Holding Units, Cook/Chill Units... Walk-In Cooler Holding Unit Electricity, gas and water consumption can also be monitored (peak analysis of consumption and detection of water leaks...). solution Monitoring of Cold Units Monitoring of Walk-In Coolers/Freezers Monitoring of Ambient Room Temperature Monitoring of Utilities Consumption Transmission of Data by SiriusBox Data values are forwarded by radiofrequency to the SiriusBox which sends them to the SiriusWeb secured Cloud to be checked, saved and archived. In case of incident, you are immediately alerted in order to carry out corrective actions, save your food products or avoid any energy overconsumption. What is the Current Law ? AFFI, USDA regulations and HACCP require you to record temperatures A weekly report is emailed to restaurant managers and presents the events : data measurements, acknowledged alarms, corrective actions, changes in consumption... These informations are also archived on your SiriusWeb account. of all your cold rooms and make daily measurements of your refrigerated chambers. The law also requires you Consult your data on your smartphone, tablet or PC ! perform annual calibrations of all your temperature measurement probes. SiriusWeb Solution meets all your Requirements and autom The intuitive dashbord allows you a quick reading of The clear display of temperature curves al- the status of your monitored units. lows an easy exploitation. Current Alarm Unit OK Inhibited Alarm Significant Energy Savings Key figures • A tap badly closed during 8hrs represents nearly 400 l of water wasted • A leaking hot water tank during 1 month represents several thousands of liter of wasted water • The average amount spent on electricity by a restaurant is close to 55 000 € per year Simple interpretation tool, SiriusWeb allows you to quickly save money and to control abuses. Quickly check the energy situation of your equipment according to set goals or previous consumption Compare easily current consumption with previous day, week, month and year data. SiriusWeb can help you to achieve a minimum of 3 %* on your annual Compare your electricity consumption electricity bill ! Short time return on investment ! electricity water gas mates your Operations Control without any Manual Intervention

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SiriusWeb : La solution connectée de surveillance de vos températures et consommations énergétiques

SiriusWeb : La solution connectée de surveillance de vos températures et consommations énergétiques


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