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Remorques industrielles et portuaires

Remorques industrielles et portuaires


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SELF-PROPELLED TRANSPORTER Your move to more profitability has arrived. PRODUCTIVITY STARTS HERE. Changing Marina Management ……and Maximizing Profitability At Marine Travelift, our business objective is to further our understanding in the field of Marina Management. This understanding helps us design tools to better help you optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your marina. In line with this goal we have added a new line of Self-Propelled Transporters. When used in tandem with a Marine Travelift boat hoist, these new transporters can increase the revenues of your yard operation by more than 50%! Greater Land Utilization Our transporters are significantly narrower than a boat hoist, which allows you to park boats closer together in your boatyard. This tighter packing can virtually double the storage capacity of your yard, which translates directly into higher boat storage revenues. Improved Boat Handling Efficiency Using a boat hoist alone requires you to lift a boat out of the water and drive the boat to a storage position (often a good distance from the pier), then go back to the pier empty to pick another boat. During this entire transport time the boat hoist is not available for lifting. Using a transporter in tandem with your boat hoist allows you to lift a boat and then set it directly onto the transporter. While the transporter efficiently maneuvers the boat into a storage location, the boat hoist is available to lift the next customer’s boat. By the time the boat has been lifted out of the water, the transporter is back and ready to receive it…increasing your peak lifting capacity by up to 70%. The benefits of adding a transporter don’t stop with increased lifting and storage revenues. Contact your local dealer to explore why adding one to your operation makes great business sense! INCREASED LIFTING REVENUES Lifting Charge (one way, per foot)) Average Boat Length (feet) Marina Operating Hours (per week) Peak Season Length (weeks) Usage Efficiency Boat Hoist Time Required Per Lift (minutes) Maximum Lifts Per Week Annual Lifting Revenue Annual Lifting Revenue Increase % Increase Boat hoist alone $6.00 34 40 12 75% 40 60 $110,160 0 0 Boat hoist in tandem with transporter $6.00 34 40 12 75% 24 100 $183,600 $73,440 67% INCREASED STORAGE REVENUES Storage Fee ($ per foot per day) Average Boat Length ($ per foot per day) Average Occupancy Boat Storage Capacity (# of boats) Annual Storage Revenue Annual Storage Revenue Increase % Increase Boat hoist alone $1.00 34 80% 8 $79,424 0 0 Boat hoist in tandem with transporter $1.00 34 80% 12 $119,136 $33,712 50% Working in tandem lifts productivity. A Marine Travelift boat hoist and transporter are designed to work in tandem. With these two machines working together, a marina can dramatically improve efficiency by decreasing the average time it takes to lift a boat out of the water and into its appropriate storage space or service bay. By working in tandem, each machine, and the men required to run them, constantly operate at peak efficiency. The open-end design permits the lifting of a boat directly from its storage position onto the transporter without a pre-lift. Design innovation like this ensures that our transporters will become a vital tool in the productive operation of your yard. Flexibility for Large or Small Marinas. Our transporters are highly flexible in their lifting options and are perfect for multiple applications. They allow power boats to be lifted by hydraulic lifting supports or sailboats to be lifted on cradles or with out the cradles using the hydraulic lifting supports.

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