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Extrait du catalogue Outils de production dans le domaine du collage et de l'enrobage

The Knowledge Leader in Dispensing Equipment Product Guide Celebrating 40 years of providing solutions, service and support for our global customers dispensing and mixing needs Liquid Control Limited Stewarts Road, Wellingborough Northants, NN8 4RJ Tel: (01933) 277571 Fax: (01933) 440273 Email: Liquid Control Ltd, a UK based company, has been a leader in innovation, design, manufacture and customer support of metering, mixing and dispensing machines for 40 years. Specialising in processing systems to handle Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Silicones, Acrylics and any other 2 or more component resins. Our diverse standard product range is supplemented with the capability to custom build using our own 3D design studio, ensuring quality of design and easy integration with other production facilities across a diversity of industries from aerospace to marine industry, wind turbine to solar power, F1 racing cars to truck containers, let LCL find a solution for you. Twinflow Mini The Twinflow Mini is a cost effective bench mounted metering, mixing and dispensing machine suitable for most two component resin systems, capable of dispensing from 1 to 18 cc and a ratio range of from 1:1 to 32:1 depending on pump selection. Twinflow Micro The Twinflow Micro utilises “posiload” positive displacement metering pumps and precision rod pumps to achieve tiny shot sizes down to 0.01 cc. This machine is available in fixed or variable ratio format and normally pneumatically powered but electric drive is an option ideal for bead laying. Twinflow FR1 This base entry model incorporates “posiload” metering pumps proven in many thousands of machines worldwide. The versatile design enables many options to be fitted making it an ideal machine to accommodate the variety of different application demands and the many resin systems that are available. The FR1 is also available as a variable ratio machine: VR1 Twinflow FR3 & FR10 The Twinflow FR3 and FR10 are medium and high output fixed ratio metering, mixing and dispensing machines for reliable processing of adhesive, sealants and encapsulants and other two component resin systems. The Twinflow FR3 and FR10 machines are also available as variable ratio units: VR3 and VR10 Twinflow TP20 This unique system is the latest innovation from Liquid Control. Specifically designed to dispense and mix two non-flowable high viscosity or thixotropic resins direct from 20 litre pails, ideal for adhesives or sealants with a pre-selected ratio from 1:1 to 10:1 with an output up to 3kg/minute. Twinflow EVR The ultimate resin metering and mixing machine if vacuum de-gassing and heating are important requirements. Combining well proven “posiload” metering pump technology with the latest PLC software control this electrically driven variable ratio system is ideal for electronic encapsulation or any application where a high degree of mix ratio control is important. Posiflow DXE60 Liquid Control have utilised precision gear metering pump technology with the latest PLC software control for pumping and accurately metering two and multi component liquids which are then mixed in an inline mixing head. In its standard form the Posiflow DXE60 will deliver a variable output up to 60kg/minute across a ratio range from 1:1 to 100:1 depending on pump selection. Continuous flow monitoring is an option which can be used to give closed loop feedback to the control system and indicate any fluctuations in ratio and flow rate IG20 and IG200 Designed to accurately dispense high viscosity sealants & adhesives direct from 200 litre barrel or 20 litre pails where the base material is non-pourable, up to a viscosity level in excess of 1,000,000cps, and the activator is either, flowable and gravity fed from on board reservoirs, or a non- pourable paste and pumped from its own 20/200 litre drum direct to posiload metering pumps. This fixed ratio unit can be pre-set from 1:1 up to 25:1,and can be supplied as a variable ratio machine Posiflow DXE2 Incorporating the latest PLC control technology and high-precision gear metering pumps this versatile, compact bench mounted mixing machine is capable of metering, mixing and dispensing most 2 part resin systems at outputs up to 2kg/ minute. DLX200 This powerful gear pump metering machine processes high viscosity resins direct from 200 litre barrels and mixes with other high viscosity or low viscosity resins. Capable of processing up to 20kg/ min with a ratio accuracy of +/- 1% this system can be fitted with closed loop flow monitoring guaranteeing continuous accuracy.

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Outils de production dans le domaine du collage et de l'enrobage

Outils de production dans le domaine du collage et de l'enrobage


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