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Extrait du livre blanc Optimisation de la production et de l'efficacité énergétique des broyeurs

78 \ Mill Efficiency Optimisation Christophe Latchoumanin, Ibitek Group, France, discusses the implementation of new software systems to optimise mill efficiency in cement plants. Introduction With cement manufacturers needing both to reduce costs and limit investments, and requiring a quick return on investment, software solutions for mill optimisation appear to be a perfect compromise to fit both requirements. Ibitek Group has partnered with General Electrics to provide a flexible solution, called IbiXpert, that is easy to deploy and allows for a fast return on investment. GEIP provides the development software with its MaxxMine solution (well known within the mining industry) and IBITEK brings 20 years of cement process experience. State of the art Most of the existing expert systems for mills within the cement industry follow a similar pattern: l Customers have to choose one angle of optimisation between energy efficiency, throughput increase or quality stabilisation. / 79 SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY Electricity & Automation + Business Intelligence GROUP INTELLIGENT BUSINESS INDUSTRY ll Following this choice, a process expert must spend several weeks on site in order to study the specifics of the workshop and estimate the potential benefits (over 2 weeks on site). ll Most of the time gains will not be guaranteed by the supplier, arguing that uncontrolled disturbances such as a lack of electrical or mechanical maintenance on the customer’s side have affected the outcome. ll Given the type of mill, the optimisation direction and the results of the audit, specific parameters have to be implemented within a model selected from the mill configuration on a development platform by an APC engineer (over 2 weeks). ll Once the model is decided, system implementation has to be scheduled, including both a process expert and an APC expert (over 3 weeks on site). ll During commissioning, expert systems will be connected directly to the PLC, modifying the industrial network performances. ll A benefit measurement will be carried out on site, three to four weeks after the commissioning. ll The fine-tuned expert system will then be sensitive to sensors and raw material quality deviation, requiring regular and costly maintenance. CONSULTING ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT SUPPLY MANUFACTURING ERECTION SIONING MIS COM TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE MAINTENANCE SPARE PARTS + INNOVATIVE SO LU TI ON S ICITY TURNKEY ELECTR & AUTOMATION / GABON FRANCE / BURKINA / CONGO Grinding Stations SAUDI ARABIA 5.300 Tpd new Cement Plant TUNISIA 4.000 Tpd Cement Plant AUTOMATION CZECH REPUBLIC retrofit ion Control System virtualisat NIGERIA lisation Mimics porting and centra ROMANIA Control system upgrade BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ALGERIA tem Production information sys IBITEK FRANCE CA2E MAROC IBITEK CZECH IBITEK ALGÉRIE MOROCCO Trucks’ flow management IBITEK TUNISIE IBITEK SOUTH AMERICA ll As the expert system is connected to the industrial network, remote maintenance will require internet access to the server hosting the expert system. In other words, maintenance will require the plant to connect to the internet and to the PLC network. This opens them up to possible risks regarding security breaches and hacking. New system concept Ibitek chose GEIP as a partner because its apc module of MaxxMine was the most suitable software to take advantage of the latest technologies, in order to achieve its goal in terms of flexibility, innovation and data-mining. Nowadays, many cement manufacturers need to benchmark plants all over the world. In order to achieve this target, they usually deploy a production data warehouse, and, more generally, business intelligence within their plants, making a huge amount of production data available on the office network. Those data warehouses are available as both an administrative network and to the industrial network through physical firewall and specific TCP/UDP ports. Most of the existing production data warehouses offer not only reading and archiving capacities but also writing capacities that are often untapped. Based on its experience in business intelligence, Ibitek chose to use the existing

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Optimisation de la production et de l'efficacité énergétique des broyeurs

Optimisation de la production et de l'efficacité énergétique des broyeurs


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