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Extrait du catalogue Nouveautés NX 8.5

What’s new in NX 8.5 Smarter decisions. Better products. Benefits • More productive product development • Better product quality, faster development, lower costs • Faster, more efficient modeling • Better compliance with standards and product requirements • More clearly understand finite element model context • Faster design-analysis iterations • Improve product durability • Speed simulation time up to 25 percent • Faster NC programming and machining of parts • Save on cutting tool costs • Better part accuracy Summary NX™ 8.5 software delivers new capabilities and many customer-driven enhancements to existing features. These improvements reduce the time it takes to create, analyze, exchange and annotate your data. NX 8.5 introduces new simulation capabilities that add new optimization and multiphysics solutions, help you prepare and update more accurate analysis models faster, and speed solution time for structural, thermal and flow analysis by as much as 25 percent. Boost your part manufacturing productivity with new capabilities that accelerate NC programming and machining times, close the quality inspection loop, manage tooling libraries and connect the NC work package directly to the shop floor. NX 8.5 for design productivity Fundamentals The NX 8.5 user interface provides you with as many or as few options as you need. See-through preview highlights the feature being created or modified by de-emphasizing other geometry. New options for the display of smooth edges make it easier to understand your model, and model rotation is easier to use and more intuitive. Enhanced measurement options make it easier to investigate a model and determine clearances. New context-sensitive toolbars show you the options you need for the situation you are in and can be fully customized. This means less time hunting for the command you need. Context-sensitive toolbars show you only what you need. NX Answers for industry. See-through preview makes it easier to see your geometry change. NX What’s new in NX 8.5 Sketching Sketching in NX 8.5 has been streamlined. The coordinate system display in sketches has been simplified to make it clearer, and sketch coordinate systems now have unique names to make them easier to select. You also have increased flexibility when placing constraints, streamlining the sketching process and reducing development time. Feature-based modeling NX 8.5 delivers many usability enhancements and new capabilities in feature-based modeling. You can use open profiles to create features, which auto­ matically extend to the surrounding geometry to create a closed feature. You can now emboss a body with another body, which is useful for creating dies or ensuring sufficient clearance between two parts. There is a new way to create unions between two solid or sheet bodies. You can select which regions you want to keep or remove, allowing you to create your desired geometry with about 30 percent fewer commands and 25 percent fewer features. You can select which part of a body you want to keep. Creating helical shapes such as springs or threads has been streamlined with new commands which give you full control over the properties of the helix. The resulting shapes are fully parametric and easier to modify than in previous versions. Helix creation is easier and more powerful. You can now add draft to a model using an intersecting surface as the parting line. While this has been possible in the past, the new functionality makes this action significantly faster and more efficient, with 40 percent fewer features and only a third as many commands as the old method. Synchronous modeling NX 8.5 is the fifth release of NX with synchronous technology, and it continues to be enhanced and refined with new functionality. The existing commands are now more capable and more intuitive to use. You can now label faces as blends, adding intelligence to history-free data and making it easier to get the results you want when you use synchronous modeling to modify the geometry. New options give you greater control of your geometry as you modify it, meaning you are more likely to get the result you want the first time. Synchronous technology can now alert you when the changes you are attempting will cause potential errors so that you can adapt accordingly and spend less time repairing your data. The flexibility of synchronous technology makes it easier to do “what if” design studies so you can explore all options and optimize your design. The face on the right has been labeled as a blend, the one on the left has not. Freeform modeling Freeform modeling in NX 8.5 has improved geometry creation, analysis and visualization features. Some commands have been enhanced with new law types, giving you more tools to create the complex geometry you need. You can enhance the visual display of your curve geometry by highlighting end points in several different ways. New surface and radius analysis tools help you ensure that your geometry meets all necessary requirements. You can now fit a curve or a surface to existing geometry such as facet bodies or points, which is useful for reverse engineering. Data exchange NX 8.5 builds on the open philosophy that guides Siemens PLM Software with tools to work seamlessly with other systems, protecting your design investment. With the improved JT™ Export interface, it’s easier to control how your information is exported. You can save your configuration to a file, saving time on future jobs. NX NX now reads more data from JT files, making the resulting NX file easier to understand and diagnose, which means you spend more time using your data and less time trying to decipher it. A new wizard makes it easier to export data to the DXF or DWG formats by streamlining the process and improving control over export options with an improved user interface. Routed systems design Routing in NX 8.5 makes it faster and easier to create the geometry you need. New capabilities allow you to mirror routing objects to create symmetric routing networks, saving time and ensuring consistency. There are new options for creating and navigating runs which make it easier and faster to ensure compliance. It’s easer to find and replace components with the same specifications, saving time and ensuring that require­ ments are met. Sheet metal design Sheet metal design has been throroghly enhanced in NX 8.5. You can now create dimple features before or after bends, or put bends across existing features, and everything adapts correctly. NX pattern feature functionality has been extended to sheet metal in 8.5, saving time when creating multiple features. You now have more options to help you create bend regions, making it easier to create compliant geometry in fewer steps. There is now a wizard with cleanup and conversion options to help you convert a solid model into a sheet metal part. With this and other tools you can quickly generate a robust, re-usable sheet metal part from a standard solid model, reducing design time. Visualization NX 8.5 delivers improved visualization tools that make it easier to understand your models and generate aesthetically correct renderings of them. A new background environment maps a panoramic image onto a hemispherical dome, so as you pan around your model, it appears to be in realistic environment from any angle, making visualization more realistic and useful. Beads and dimples can now be added after bends. Re-use The NX Reuse Library, a common repository for all of your re-usable geometry, has been enhanced for NX 8.5. You now have the option of changing deformable parameters on a part when you drag it from the Reuse Library, giving you more control. When you add a component to an assembly, you now have the option of viewing the component in a preview window to verify that it meets your needs before you place it. You also have the option to add multiple occurrences of a component at the same time. This is especially efficient for standard parts that are used in many places at once, like fasteners. Validation Check-Mate has been enhanced with new checkers that make it easier to investigate your data and find issues before they cause problems down the road. This makes you more productive and ensures quality models. Visualization tools enable you to make attractive, realistic images. NX 8.5 for tooling design productivity Tooling design in NX 8.5 has been enhanced to optimize the overall mold and die design process and to improve productivity by eliminating many manual modeling steps. Mold design Parting surface design methodologies have been improved to make the design process more efficient. Creating and modifying cooling channels is easier and more intuitive. Injection flow analysis functions are now integrated into NX, permitting the

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Nouveautés NX 8.5

Nouveautés NX 8.5


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