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Extrait du catalogue LSV-2000 Polytec

Datasheet LSV-2000 Laser Surface Velocimeter Polytec Laser Surface Velocimeter ■ LSV-1000 Laser Surface Velocimeter LSV-2000 Laser Surface Velocimeter ■ LSV-300 Laser Surface Velocimeter ■ LSV-6000 Laser Surface Velocimeter Non-contact Precision Speed and Length Measurement Precision speed and length measurements are critical for optimizing continuous or quasicontinuous production processes such as those used in rolling and paper mills. Integrating a Laser Surface Velocimeter into the mill process is an essential step to reducing scrap and improving throughput. Due to the non-contact measurement principle, the LSV eliminates common problems that plague traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as slippage, thermal expansion, and damage to delicate surfaces. Also, Laser Surface Velocimeters exceed traditional contact encoder performance, increasing reliability and survivability in adverse industrial environments while minimizing maintenance requirements and cost. The LSV-2000 Laser Surface Velocimeter, the latest member of Polytec‘s compact instrument class, determines the direction of motion (forward or reverse), and also recognizes standstill conditions (v=0). This makes it ideal for applications such as footage counting on a take-up reel where the material may frequently start/stop, or for applications requiring product positioning such as in cut-to-length process lines. The direct, non-contact measurement of product length and speed, coupled with the high precision, reliability and consistency of the LSV-2000 enables users to fully optimize the production process and thus save costs. The new LSV-2000 measures reliably on almost any solid surface, whether controlling processes utilizing carbon steel, shiny aluminum or oily sheets; producing round wire and cable; or manufacturing paper, cardboard or tissue. Advancing Measurements by Light Compact, Reliable, Inexpensive and Profitable Determines the direction of motion as well as standstill conditions Reduced operating and maintenance costs Attractive ROI, fast payback All-in-one system, easy integration into production processes and control environments Easy to operate and no recalibration required Visible laser for easy alignment in the field Compact design fits into other measurement frames, like radiometric C-frames Robust sensor technology for reliable operation even under harsh conditions, protection classes IP66 and IP67 Optional cooling, air purge and heavy-duty housing for measurement tasks in challenging environments Accuracy, versatility and reliability make the LSV-2000 the perfect solution for a variety of measurement tasks in the metals and non-metals industries where precise, real-time speed and length data are critical. In addition, the LSV-2000 Laser Surface Velocimeter can reduce production costs by minimizing material scrap and optimizing product and process quality. In processes where the feed material is optically accessible, the LSV-2000 can be applied easily and will replace less accurate and unreliable contact tachometer technology. The savings in maintenance costs alone justifies its installation. Fast, state-of-the-art signal processor with powerful command set for efficient system communication Includes two trigger inputs for additional light barriers or optical switches for high-precision edge detection and offset length compensation Hardware status signals for remote diagnostic functions available User-selectable full quadrature pulse output and interfacing with LAN and RS 422/232 Various standoff distances available Coil Length Measurement in Inspection Lines Precise location of defects with capability to measure forward/backward/ standstill conditions Speed Calibration Speed measurement for calibration of process machinery like drives and encoders Part Length Measurement for Goods in Pieces Construction materials such as gypsum board and timber Application Fields Paper board, corrugated paper, corrugated steel Speed Measurement Length of metal blanks and sheets Measurement of speed variations on production lines Dynamic speed control of rolling processes such as strip production and mass flow control Speed measurement of strip in slitting lines Slippage Detection and Speed Synchronization Measurement of slippage between product and transport casters Synchronization of casters Cut-to-length Control Speed-dependent control of cutting devices Extrusion of ceramic, plastics and rubber Cut-to-length in rolling mills Flying cutter optimization with speed synchronization Useful for foils, non-woven textiles, coated fabrics, films, laminates, foams, insulation material, abrasives, wood, paper, paperboard and cardboard 2 Encoder Calibration Calibration of encoder equipment on process lines Length calibration for processing machines Spool Length 1D materials such as cable, wire, fiber 2D materials, woven (textiles) and non-woven fabrics such as rock wool Ink-jet Marker Control Integration in testing facilities Length marking on continuous goods such as pipes and cables Speed Balancing Combined measurement on different components for balancing production speeds Speed and Length Measurements in Hot Environments Optional cooled protective housing protects sensor performance in harsh environment Long standoff distance sets sensor back from hot materials Accessories LSV-A-110 Connection Box The Connection Box is completely wired for instant operation and contains a full terminal block, a universal power supply and a LAN connector. LSV-A-120 Air Wipe with quick-exchange window A front-mounted, aerodynamically optimized air wipe unit keeps the sensor’s optical window free of dust and steam. For cleaning or replacement, the quickrelease window can be easily exchanged. LSV-A-124 C-Frame Accessory Kit The C-Frame Accessory Kit allows for an easy and straightforward integration in the C-housing of any radiometric thickness gauge. A built-in cooling plate keeps the sensor within its operational temperature range. LSV-A-122 Cooling Plate The cooling plate keeps the sensor in its operational temperature range, even under hot ambient conditions. LSV-A-130 Mounting Platform The 3-axis adjustable mounting platform simplifies the precise alignment of the LSV-2000 sensor in relation to the measurement object. When mounting the LSV in a cooling housing, a suitable LSV-A-121-AMP Mounting Platform is available. LSV-A-121 Cooled Protective Housing To handle hot and hostile environments in rolling mills and continuous casters, Polytec has developed a cooled protective housing consisting of an aluminum housing with integrated stainless steel cooling coils. The coolant can either be water, rolling coolant, paraffin oil or kerosene. An optional heat shield protects the system from radiated heat from the measurement object itself or other heat sources. 3

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LSV-2000 Polytec

LSV-2000 Polytec


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