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Extrait du catalogue LATAB, solutions d'éclairage LED vision industrielle

LATAB Industrial LED Lighting LED Lighting for Machine Vision Catalog 2014/2015 LAT elektronik AB • Member of the Polytec Organization LED lighting for machine vision Design skills: • CAD engineering • Electronics development • Thermal management About LATAB LAT elektronik AB (LED Array Technology) was founded in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting as a consultancy for image processing technology, the company soon became a specialist for customerspecific lighting solutions in the area of machine vision. As part of the German Polytec Organization (, LATAB today offers an outstanding variety of standard products and is known for its high degree of flexibility and short delivery times, even for customer-specific developments. Why choose LATAB products? Evaluation kits Different environmental conditions for machine vision applications can often make the choice of suitable lighting difficult. That’s why in many cases “Try before you buy” is the way to go. LATAB provides demonstration units of potentially suitable lighting heads and controllers to help the customer decide on the best lighting for his practical situation. Try it out! Warranty • All products are “Made in Sweden” and satisfy the highest quality demands A warranty period of one year applies to all light heads and controllers under the following operating conditions: • Individual requirements are largely met by the modularity of the standard program Operating temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C (41 °F to +104 °F) • All lights are available in continuous and strobe modes Storage temperature: -40 °C to +90 °C (-40 °F to +194 °F) • Lights and controllers are easy and user-friendly to operate Relative humidity: max. 80%, non-condensing • Very flexible solutions Geographical height of operating location: up to 2000 m above sea level • Very short delivery times • Application-orientated advice and long-term service Support Integration into the international Polytec Organization guarantees world-wide support for LATAB products. Experienced engineers from the machine vision industry help customers make the best choice of products and if required provide support in the integration of machine vision systems. Customer-specific engineering Customer-specific developments and adaptations are a core part of LATAB’s business – at near standard prices of course, and with short project lead times. You name it, we’ll make it! Copyright © LAT elektronik AB, 2014 · Member of the Polytec Organization · 2 Pollution degree: 2, only non-conductive pollution occurs. Except that occasionally a temporary conductivity caused by condensation is to be expected. Definition of a defect light head: A light head is defect if the brightness decreases to 50% of the original luminosity. Restriction of Warranty: Operation without LATAB controller causes a loss of warranty! Changes We reserve the right to make changes to products without notification. LATAB · Krossgatan 18 · 162 50 Vällingby · Sweden Phone +46 (0)8704 9225 · · LATAB Industrial LED Lighting Contents Content Page LED lighting for machine vision 2 Content Control units About LATAB Why choose LATAB products? Support Customer-specific engineering Evaluation kits Warranty Changes Contents 3 Lighting techniques 4 Adjustable light beam angles 5 LED lighting heads 6 General features A wide product range Lighting head series Guideline for longer lifetime of LED lighting heads Page 24 General information Continuous mode Strobe mode Ethernet interface RS-232 interface Stand alone operation Test program Controller selection 25 Continuous mode controllers 26 Strobe mode controllers 27 Controller figures 28 Demo controller/laboratory tester 31 Inline Controller Demo/laboratory lighting kit 32 7 Order options 33 Ring lights 8 Ring lights with 50° light beam angle 9 Cable options for lighting heads Extension cables for lighting heads Diffuser Order information Polarization filters Custom light beam angle Lighting head brackets DIN clips for controllers Ring lights with lens thread Dark field lights 10 Dome lights 11 Tunnel lights 12 Line lights - single line 13 Line lights - two lines 14 Line lights - square lines 15 Line lights with fresnel lens 16 Front/back lights 17 Front lights 80 x 56 mm 18 Coaxial lights 19 Spot lights 7 mm 20 Lighting head brackets 34 Polarization filters for ring lights 35 Customer-specific engineering 36 General LED lighting Spot lights 16 mm High brightness spot lights 21 High brightness ring lights 22 High brightness rectangular lights 23 Copyright © LAT elektronik AB, 2014 · Member of the Polytec Organization · LATAB · Krossgatan 18 · 162 50 Vällingby · Sweden Phone +46 (0)8704 9225 · · LATAB Industrial LED Lighting 3

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LATAB, solutions d'éclairage LED vision industrielle

LATAB, solutions d'éclairage LED vision industrielle


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