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Extrait du catalogue La référence dans l’analyse de gaz et la mesure de micro-fuite

The reference in gas analysis and micro leakage measurement MEASURE VERIFY ANALYSE Solutions for maintaining integrity. YOUR SPECIALIST Anéolia designs and manufactures ABISS-brand analysers in France. These devices are designed to measure gases in the air and micro-leakage. KEY INFORMATION EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE Anéolia is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. The company offers a full range of measuring instruments, a calibration and maintenance service, and all the necessary supplies and accessories. AN INNOVATIVE BRAND WITH RELIABLE, ROBUST MATERIALS Our team will work with you, providing advice on your industrial project and identifying the metrological solutions that are best suited to your applications. 100% French MANUFACTURED IN ILE-DE-FRANCE OUR SECTORS OF ACTIVITY 2 patents INTERNATIONAL over 60 countries SERVED ON EVERY CONTINENT PACKAGING MEDICAL INDUSTRY Quality and integrity control for all types of packaging. Verification of gas distribution networks in hospital facilities. Ongoing verification of the gas injection process in all industries. OUR EXPERTISE Anéolia is an expert in the standard technologies for analysis of gas in the air and micro-leakage measurement, guaranteeing 100% French manufacture. WHY SIMPLY DETECT A LEAK WHEN YOU CAN MEASURE IT? Measurement allows you to optimise costs and performance in the production process. Measurement offers solutions for data analysis to identify the causes of faults and confirm hypotheses. Measurement ensures the best level of agreement in specifications between clients and suppliers. A LONGSTANDING, RELIABLE AND DYNAMIC PARTNER Anéolia is proud of the international renown of the ABISS brand. It cultivates innovation and development of robust devices, and works towards sustainable development. It is our priority to meet the sometimes very specific needs of our customers. Our experts guarantee they will provide help and advice throughout your project. ONGOING INNOVATION Anéolia is the only company on the market creating analysers which combine the measurement of gas, micro-leaks and seal resistance. These innovative systems include integrity verification standards. Our instruments are interactive and automated, allowing us to solve problems remotely, on any continent. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY Anéolia holds two international patents, offering new features. 1. High-speed measurement of CO2 and other common gases in the air This first patent ensures the greatest precision and reproducibility of measurements at speeds 20 times faster than other devices currently on the market. 2. Combined measurement of gas, leaks and bursts This second patent covers further applications and can be used to measure the breathability of packaging, or very small volumes of gas, for example.

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La référence dans l’analyse de gaz et la mesure de micro-fuite

La référence dans l’analyse de gaz et la mesure de micro-fuite


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