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TRUSTED FOR REAL LIFE SAFETY, QUALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY automotive OEM tests rep orts reco gni list of zed accr by edi te d th e la b c or at or i er ak m ar s e ts en em ing re t es ag s -t os cr SGS sercovam, PARTNER OF the AUTOMOTIVE OEMs SUPPLIERS automotive supplier SGS SERCOVAM is a long-time partner of international automakers technical centres and R&D services. Their laboratories are regularly assessed by their representatives, in order to guarantee to the automotive industry suppliers the same level of quality as the tests done in the labs of the OEM. Crosstesting between OEMs and SGS assure a good match between them. ples test sam orts test rep MATERIAL TESTING, APPEARANCE TESTING On polymers, metals, fabrics, glass… UV photo-ageing Sensorial analysis & emissions Mechanical testing Exterior and interior parts, Weatherometer, Fade-ometer and Sunshine Weather-ometer, SoSi: Over 30 devices: CI3000, CI35, Q-UV, QSUN, XENOTEST, SUNTEST, UV-CON, Arc Carbone CXW and CDMC, Climatron, XR-35… Olfactory: Evaluation of fragrant intensity and identification, on materials or parts. Static and dynamic properties of materials, from - 40 to + 400 ° C, tensile, creep, compression, flexural, fatigue , Insert pull-out resistance, flat and right angle peeling ; Shore & Persoz hardness, Charpy et Izod impact; Drop tower for instrumented impact (puncture impact), ozone ageing for rubber. Touch test: Qualitative and quantitative measurement of touch. VOC, Formaldehyde, Fogging, etc. All OEMs and international testing methods. Resistance & appearance testing Plastics analysis Fire testing Scratching, scrubbing, abrasion, Xb, staining, shot-blasting, taber, martindale, spraying with all kinds of fluids, carwash testing, impact testing (dupont impact tester), thickness measurement (microscopy), adhesion... IRTF, DSC, CPG, SM, MFI, Density, Ash rate, Vicat... Horizontal and vertical combustibility, FMVSS 302, UL94. ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING FUNCTIONAL TESTING Corrosion testing IP testing & tightness Electrical & electronic testing Salt spray, corrosion RENAULT ECC1, PSA TCAC, Alternate corrosion, Cass test, Ass test, 3C corrosion, Swaat test, 4 gaz corrosion (H2S/SO2/NO2/Cl2), Kesternich, acid vapours, condensation/ immersion, Herel test, Dr Diehl, Volvo ACT… Resistance to solid: IP1X to IP6X, dust (talc, Arizona, Portland cement, etc.). Electrical measurements (insulation resistance, dielectric strength, resistivity, contact resistance). Resistance & tightness to liquids, from IPX1 to IPX9K. Vibration & shocks testing Climatic ageing Hot / Cold / Humid chambers up to 84m3. 7 shakers from 10 to 60 kN, with climatic chambers and table (VRT, -40 to +150°C): Sinus, random, shock up to 2000g… Functional characterization: micro-cut, performance tests (power consumption, activation profile of parts), ageing combining environmental and power (power up to 500V, 510 A, monitoring current / voltage / temperature). Splash Water test (with or without Arizona dust and / or NaCl, parts in operation during cycling). Cleanliness of components Test benches design / Endurance Thermal shock, rapid temperature variation (up to 15°C/min), thermal shock by immersion. Exposure to sunlight (without UV) SGS can provide the services of its engineering department to design new test benches to meet any specifications (for in house use). 6, 22 & 84 m3 chambers for most automakers tests methods. Pressure testing Chemical testing Immersion, soaking with all kind of fluids (volatiles, fuel, oil…). Extraction of contaminants of parts according to ISO 16232 specifications: extraction made by agitation (according to ISO 16232-2) and extraction by rinsing (according to ISO 16232-3), by ultrasonic technic according to ISO 16232-4. Analysis performed with gravimetric characterization (ISO 16232-6) and with particle sizing and counting by microscopic analysis (ISO 16232-7). Endurance under combined pressure cycles (liquid or air) and thermal, cycles, (-40 to +180°C) fluid circulation, coupling with vibration, etc. Contact Accredited test laboratory COFRAC (ISO 17025) Accreditations N°1-1526 & 1-2014 Laboratory agreed by many automakers agreed for French corporate tax credit for research expenses (Crédit Impôt Recherche) COFRAC Accreditation is widely recognized, via the ILAC agreements (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation SGS SERCOVAM BP 10 - 33611 CESTAS - FRANCE t. +33 (0) 5 57 97 02 33 f. +33 (0) 5 57 83 53 73

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Essais - Marché Automobile

Essais - Marché Automobile

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