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Essais de matériaux avancés

Essais de matériaux avancés


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Analyzing & Testing Advanced Materials Testing Thermal Analysis, Methods for Determination of Thermophysical Properties, Cure Monitoring, Accelerating Rate and Isothermal Calorimetry Leading Thermal Analysis Leading Thermal Analysis NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing Since 1962, NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH has consistently provided our customers with the latest thermal analysis techniques, the broadest range of highest-quality products, the most complete technical support and the most comprehensive service. Monitoring of Cure Battery Testing Thanks to our experienced team, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing consistently offers the “utmost”: the most complete product line, the widest temperature range and the highest measurement pressure, to name a few. The series of patents and international R&D awards which we have received attest to our products’ leadership in terms of technique and quality. application references. Seminars and users’ meetings are also organized by our specialists, and we offer a series of advanced training programs on demand. Our branches, representative offices and application laboratories worldwide offer our customers excellent instruments and technical support, wherever on the globe they may happen to be. Besides the products themselves, NETZSCH also provides localized software, operation manuals and At NETZSCH, we regard customer satisfaction as our first priority. We are looking forward to working with you. Visco-elastic Properties Thermal Diffusivity & Conductivity Melting & Crystallization Degree of Crystallinity Specific Heat Thermal Stability Material Characterization Solid Fat Index Oxidation Stability Thermal Runaway Mass change Evolved Gas Analysis Decomposition Expansion & Shrinkage Refractories under Load 2 Hot Modulus of Rupture The physical and chemical properties of any material change under the influence of temperature. Such changes can be systematically analyzed for almost any sample by applying specified variations in temperature, atmosphere and pressure. evolved gases. Our systems also allow for determinations with regard to purity and composition, polymorphism and structural changes, thermal stability and application temperature limits, aging behavior, thermomechanical behavior, visco-elastic properties, and processing conditions. At NETZSCH, you will find solutions in Thermal Analysis, thermophysical properties testing, cure monitoring, multiple module and accelerating rate calorimetry that will meet your every need. NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing develops sensitive, versatile, and reliable instrumentation for research and development, quality control, process safety and failure analysis. We offer our customers broad applications know-how through publications, demonstrations, contract testing, seminars, workshops and users’ meetings. Our instruments and methods allow for material characterization as well as for the study of properties such as specific heat, enthalpies, weight change, Young’s modulus, thermal expansion or shrinkage, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and Let NETZSCH open up a whole new perspective on the materials in your world. Thermal Analysis < < < < < < < < DSC/DTA TGA STA (TGA-DSC, TGA-DTA) DIL TMA DMA DEA Coupling to EGA (MS/FT-IR/GC-MS) Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity < < < < LFA HFM GHP TCT Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity < SBA Refractory Testing < RUL/CIC < HMOR < PCE Accelerating Rate Calorimetry < < < < ARC® APTAC® IBC MMC Standard and Advanced Software < < < < < Thermokinetics Thermal Simulations Component Kinetics Peak Separation Purity 3

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