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3 4 0,25 0,25 0,25 Length (mm) 180 180 180 260 Diameter of body (mm) 30 30 44 44 Net weight (kg) 0,8 0,8 1,3 1,9 Connectors (mm) Connectors (inches) (1) (2) Our high quality expertise and customer-centred approach is acknowledged and appreciated by professionals and private individuals alike. Our organisation and customised approach mean we are able to offer customers systems suited to their needs as well as a bespoke service. 15 x 21 15 x 21 20 x 27 20 x 27 femelle 1/2" femelle 1/2" femelle 3/4" femelle 3/4" Other criteria are considered when dimensioning a system Or a hot water heater alone Distributed by : Units for public buildings and industry are also available ASSEMBLY DIAGRAM ADVANTAGES • Can be cleaned under pressure Environment-friendly, economical water treatment • Gauge to monitor water pressure H MA N U FA CT AT UR D & WA R TE AV IN G UA IT L Q OL T HN PE ES C N © Expertima - February 2013 NC Internet : - E-mail : 100% R NE G FRE Tél. : 33 (0)442 42 32 10 - Fax : 33(0)442 42 32 11 REE Y • The anti-scaling system and the entire installation is protected. Résidence Kennedy n°46B - Rue Jacques Feyder - 13500 MARTIGUES - France S • Loss of pressure is slight 5 form nte ance guara TEC • Sand and sediment collected er N • Fine 100 µ mesh And the water stays good to drink ! p All our anti-scaling systems are supplied with suitable filters (metal body and stainless-steel mesh).. Without a water softener Without electricity Non-magnetic... Y 1,6 0,25 FOO 0,9 Pressure loss (bar) E 8 R 25 NT 6 IN G 20 NT 4 UR 15 NT 1(2) Imprimerie St-Jean - Martigues - Tél. 04 42 06 33 40 • Réf. 13/38 Flow rate treated (m3/h) 09 NT For over 20 years our aim has been to research and develop processes to cope with hard and corrosive water. EXPERTIMA is the designer and manufacturer of the 100% French anti-scale system which uses all the latest technological progress. Associated with an HQE (High Quality Environmental) service, EXPERTIMA will give top performance. Neutralising the limescale in water e Max number of inhabitants(1) er Ov G MODELS Controlling hard water E The individual range may be used in any type of home. When used in homes the system extends the life of appliances and improves the efficiency of domestic hot water heaters, giving significant savings. The technology enables you to enjoy high quality water. Outstanding value for money, quality and performance! The Expertima anti-scale system quickly pays for itself. GY From model 09 NT to 25 NT, A solution to suit your needs EXPERTIMA Technologies have developed water treatment processes and equipment that are innovative, environment-friendly and economical, always with an emphasis on sustainable development. O DOMESTIC RANGE THE PROBLEM LIMESCALE IN WATER THE SOLUTION Anti-scale system with electrostatic, electrolytic effects, generator of multidirectional hyperturbulent flows, consisting of special discs with a non-stick, rustproof internal surface. All the device is of drinking-water approved quality. The main complaint consumers have about using tap water is limescale. Limescale causes the following problems : à Deposits of hard scale that sticks to baths, sinks, etc., à Unpleasant for washing: dry skin, rough laundry, à Scaling of elements in boilers and water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and piping. High-quality zinc disc Inspection under a scanning Multidirectional flows HOW Prevent the formation of hard, adhering limescale by modifying the crystal structure while preserving the natural mineral qualities of the water. 316 L stainless-steel body Inspection under a scanning electron microscope electron microscope 2 1 Cu bes a of ca e sc l c i te ( h ar d l i m Lim d es fl ui b y t c ale m a d e s o ft a n d n g i he sy t ste m afte r h e a le) Titanium disc or 316L stainless steel disc Obtained without treatment Special polymer disc Rustproof, non-stick internal surface Titanium or 316L stainless steel support rod WORTH REMEMBERING : Limescale = calcium and magnesium are both good for health Limescale = higher energy bills Excess energy consumption as a % 60 THE ADVANTAGES OF THE EXPERTIMA TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEM 50 40 30 EXCESS CONSUMPTION 20 10 NORMAL 0 3 6 9 Limescale thickness in mm EXISTING TREATMENTS Water composition modified Expertima Technologies device Other physical processes Chemical processes Water softeners NO NO YES Mineral salts preserved YES YES NO Effects on limescale Limescale becomes soft and fluid Limescale becomes soft and fluid Limescale eliminated by adding salt Limescale conversion rate Salt consumption Higher than 99 % Lower than 50 % • NO NO YES Type of body STAINLESS STEEL 316L BRASS, ABS,… BRASS, BRONZE Waste water NO NO YES Guarantees Results and equipment Equipment Equipment • Efficient however hard the water • Non-magnetic, non-electronic • No added chemicals or polluting waste : environment friendly • No power supply needed • Transformation rate of hard limescale into soft limescale greater than 99% : the best rate on the market ! • All internal components can be changed (Innovation) • Withstands temperatures of up to 90°C • Mastering bacteria from spreading • Resistant to chlorine and chloride ions (salt) • Body in stainless steel premium quality (316L) French design and manufacture INTERNATIONAL PATENT PROCESS When calcium and magnesium ions are activated they become soft fluid crystals in hot water that are eliminated with the water flow. This conversion has been analysed and confirmed using laser granulometry (rate higher than 99%) 3 GENUINE EFFECTS • Gradually removes limescale gently. • Protects against limescale. • Protects against rust. RESULTS • Cleaner piping, long-term protection. • Installations free from limescale and corrosion. • Improves efficiency of boilers and water heaters. • Extends the service life of household appliances. • Cuts costs of salts and chemicals. • Increases flow rate in pipes. • Reduces maintenance of taps and valves.

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Documentation en Anglais

Documentation en Anglais


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