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Extrait du catalogue Dilatomètre

DILATOMETER L 76 • L 75 Horizontal • L 75 Vertical General Products • Volume changes • Rate controlled sintering (RCS) Dilatometry is a technique which measures the dimensional change of The entire range of LINSEIS Dilatometers enables the perfect choice for a substance as a function of temperature while the substance is sub- any application. jected to a controlled temperature program. Many international norms such as DIN 51045, ASTM E831, ASTM E 228 and ASTM D 3386 describe this technique and the exact procedures in detail. LINSEIS Dilatometers L76, L75H, and L75V provide a powerful tool for the determination of the thermal expansion and expansion coefficient (CTE). Further application examples are the evaluation of sintering processes of ceramics, metals and powder metals, the dimensional changes during chemical reactions (Oxidation) and phase changes of solid materials. As a unique feature LINSEIS offers its range of Dilatometers either in horizontal or vertical mode of operation to provide the perfect solution for every application and budget. Dilatometers are typically used in: • Glass industry • Ceramics industry • Sintering of high tech ceramics • Aerospace industry • Metal/powder industry L 75 Vertical • New material research • Automotive industry • Polymer industry LINSEIS‘ L75 series are available in horizontal as well as vertical (Zero – Friction) mode of operation. It offers a broad temperature range, many Dilatometers are frequently used for R&D and Quality Control of solids, different sample holders, operation in vacuum or a controlled oxidizing or liquids, powders and pastes to determine their: reducing atmosphere, while maintaining the highest accuracy and ease • Linear thermal expansion (ΔL) of use. • Sinter-temperatures and sintersteps • Determination of glass transition (Tg) The L76 Series was especially developed for quality control and edu- • Phase changes cational purposes. It is an easy to use single push rod model, which • Optimization of burning processes does not offer vacuum. Nevertheless for most basic applications it is the • Determination of thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) perfect solution at an affordable price. DIL L 76 2 DIL 75 Horizontal Software All LINSEIS thermo analytical instruments are PC controlled. The indi- Evaluation of current measurement vidual software modules exclusively run under Microsoft® Windows® • Curve comparison up to 32 curves operating systems. • Storage and export of evaluations • Export and import of data ASCII The complete software consists of 3 modules: temperature control, data • Data export to MS Excel acquisition and data evaluation. The 32 bit software incorporates all • Multi-methods analysis (DSC TG, TMA, DIL, etc.) essential features for measurement preparation, execution, and evalu- • Zoom function ation of a Dilatometer run. • 1st and 2nd derivation • Programmable gas control Thanks to our specialists and application experts, LINSEIS was able to • Statistical evaluation package develop comprehensive easy to understand user friendly application • Automatic axis re-scaling software. • Softening point detection DIL Features: Software-Features: • Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS) software • Program capable of text editing • Interchangeable Thermocouples for various atmospheres • Data security in case of power failure • Sinter process evaluation • Thermocouple break detection • Glass transition and softening point evaluation • Repetition measurements with minimum parameter input • Softening point determination and system shut down • Linear thermal expansion evaluation • Several system correction features • Automatic zero point adjustment • Auto-scheduler for up to 16 sub-sequent runs • 3

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