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Les actualités de DKSH FRANCE (Matières Premières, équipements et machines)

DKSH partners with ADDAPT Chemicals to provide specialty additives in France

04 mars 2019

Chimie de spécialités
DKSH partners with ADDAPT Chemicals to provide specialty additives in France

ADDAPT Chemicals, a chemical company from the Netherlands, has chosen DKSH to distribute its range of environmentally-friendly specialty additives in the French market.

Lyon, France, March 4, 2019 – DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a leadingingredients and specialty chemicals distributor, will distribute ADDAPT’s innovative portfolio ofspecialty additives for a broad range of industrial applications in France.

Under the agreement, DKSH will market and distribute ADDAPT Chemicals’ wide range of specialty additives, which includes antiwear, antifreeze, cleaners, coalescing agents, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, dispersants, functional monomers, tackifiers and thickeners.

ADDAPT Chemicals is a Dutch producer of environmentally-friendly specialty additives. With extensive experience in the global additives market, ADDAPT puts emphasis on thedevelopment of new, high-performing and environmentally acceptablechemicals. What makes DKSH a valuable partner for ADDAPT is its capillary distribution network and in-depth experience in the specialty chemicals market.

“Our additives are used for various industry groups all over the world, including coatings, graphicart, adhesives, foam control agents, lubricants, waste water treatment, cement/concrete gypsum and protective care systems. We are very pleased to work with DKSH and look forward to this new collaboration,” said Willem van Gerresheim, Managing Director, ADDAPT Chemicals.

Hugues Rousseau, Manager, Local Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry, DKSH, added:“We are delighted to represent and distribute ADDAPT Chemicals’ innovative range of additives in France. Our customer base in the French market will greatly benefit from these diverse and exciting new materials.”

About ADDAPT Chemicals B.V.
ADDAPT Chemical BV is a chemical company, located in the Netherlands, specialized in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water-based systems. The extensive creative and innovative range of additives from ADDAPT Chemicals B.V. are used for various industry groups all over the world and the company put emphasis on the development of new, high performing and environmentally
acceptable chemicals, developing tomorrow’s technology for tomorrow’s world.

About DKSH
DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. The Group helps other companies and brands to grow in the Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Performance Materials and Technology sectors. DKSH’s portfolio of services includes sourcing, market insights, marketing and sales, distribution and logistics as well as after-sales services. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Group operates in 35 markets with 33,000 specialists,
generating net sales of CHF 11.3 billion in 2018. With its strong Swiss heritage and long business tradition since 1865, DKSH is deeply rooted in Asia Pacific. The DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials distributes specialty chemicals and ingredients for food, pharmaceutical, personal care and various industrial applications. With 29 innovation centers and regulatory support worldwide, we create cutting edge formulations that comply with local regulations. With
around 1,080 specialists, the Business Unit generated net sales of CHF 960.4 million in 2018.
DKSH partners with ADDAPT Chemicals to provide specialty additives in France
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