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H i g h P r e s s u r e Te c h n o l o g y High Pressure Components and Systems 690 to 10'000 bar 10 kPSI to 150 kPSI H i g h P r e s s u r e Te c h n o l o g y NOVA SWISS® high pressure division cations and in research and development. develop, produce and supply world-wide Our commitment is to the fulfillment of standardized high-pressure components the ever-higher requirements on safety by for critical applications involving pressures serving our customers with dependable ranging from 10 kpsi to 150 kpsi (690 to quality products. 10’000 bar). As one of the leading suppliers of high-­ pressure components NOVA SWISS® ­supplies major companies in the oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical, machine and industrial equipment building industries, in ultra-pure gas appli- Contents Connections  4 Needle Valves 5 Air operated Valves  6 Double-Block and Bleed Valve 7 Options8 Fittings9 Glands10 Collars10 Plugs10 Check Valves 11 Safety Heads 12 Bursting Discs  12 Filters13 Adapters, Connectors, Coupling 13 Tubing14 Nipples15 Diaphragm Compressors 16 Diaphragm Compressors and Options 17 Hand Pumps and Hand Pump Systems 18 High Pressure Air driven Pump 19 Typical Applications 20 Customized Components and Systems 23 2 Comprehensive Safety System High functional Reliability in extreme Environments Our products are based on state-ofthe-art technology. Their distinguishing features are mature product development and design, high precision, madeto-fit connection geometries and ease Traceability Certification All pressure retaining parts are manufactured and marked according to exactly specified manufacturing instructions. All of these parts are fully traceable, starting from the finished product and reaching all the way back to the raw material. of use. NOVA SWISS® high-pressure conditions and high physical strain. Accident Prevention is an integral Part of our Product Concept NOVA SWISS® high-pressure components are the embodiment of a modern, ergonomic product design. The products are easy to install and to handle. In the development phase systematic risk analysis were components have proven their serviceworthiness under adverse environ­mental performed and measures implemented for Broad Product Range As a leading manufacturer of high-pressure components we offer a large selection of products for a diversity of applications. High operating Reliability the purpose of excluding risks for the user as much as humanly possible. The safe and dependable assembly and operation of our components is enhanced by detailed operating manuals. NOVA SWISS® high-pressure components are designed and manufactured in compliance with the European machine directives (89/392/EEC). Our integrated High on-time Delivery Performance management system according to ISO Just-in-time delivery directly to customer’s 9001 is your assu­rance of top quality, as assembly lines is standard. We have ad- well as user-friendly and safety-oriented opted the modern Kanban manufacturing designs. approach and maintain our own modern production and procurement logistics organization. The on-going measurement Longevity of highly-stressed Products. NOVA SWISS® high-pressure components are made of high-grade, corro- of our performance factors such as quality, delivery accuracy and customer satis­faction provides the customer the assurance that their high requirements will be met. sion-resistant materials. Material pairings are designed to suit individual application requirements. The pressure retaining parts of valves, Cost Reduction is the Objective fittings and adapters which are rated up to NOVA SWISS® products are easy to 2,070 bar (30 kpsi) comply with standard install and designed to facilitate the main- NACE MR0175. tenance at a later time. For this purpose we supply repair instructions with the All pressures indicated in this brochure respective safety information in multiple apply for maximum quasi-static load at languages. room temperature. 3

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Catalogues des Produits Phares

Catalogues des Produits Phares


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