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THE ILAPAK ADVANTAGE WHAT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS YOUR BEST PARTNER IN PACKAGING 360 commitment ILAPAK’s locally based engineers are fully committed to working closely together with you, achieving common goals, and supporting you until all agreed targets are consistently and reliably achieved. Our committment to meeting your spare parts needs is unmatched: we stock parts in over 20 countries around the world to ensure their availability on the shortest lead times. Engineered With Service In Mind Every ILAPAK machine is engineered to minimize parts replacement and maintenance. To save you time and money, easily sourced consumable components and interchangeable parts are quick to access so that servicing is as fast and efficient as possible. PRODUCE Your One-Stop Shop Our goals is to become your one–stop shop, in order to be considered as your exclusive supplier for all your spare parts need, even included the commercial parts which are normally available on the market. Ilapak’s customers can get the most competitive prices in the market and have a single source for any packaging needs. Our aim is to provide a professional service tailored to your requirements. On-Site Assistance ILAPAK technicians are locally based and factory-trained. The best in the business, they aim to arrive on site for planned preventative maintenance visits or emergency calls at short notice, to get your line running again in the shortest possible time. Remote Interface Module (Rim) After entering a user name and password, the main functions of ILAPAK’s machines can be monitored, analysed and, in some cases, adjusted online from any Internet-connected computer in the world, enhancing your productivity and dramatically reducing response times. Training Programs Take advantage of ILAPAK’s customised training packages, designed to your exact needs by one of our experienced specialists. Upgrades Consult with our experts about when you should upgrade your components to meet or surpass your production objectives year after year. Rebuilds Ilapak Rebuilds and Pre-owned equipment services provide customers with an alternative to new machine investments by either rebuilding and upgrading customer’s existing equipment or by introducing factory supplied approved preowned machinery from stock. Discover more about us, visit: YOUR BEST PARTNER IN PACKAGING Founded in 1970. Headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland. Part of the IMA Group. 15 5 Subsidiaries worldwide 3 Manufacturing plants Continents 450+ 600+ Employees Solutions delivered per year FOCUSED ON PRODUCE YOUR COMPLETE SOLUTION BENEFITS ADD MORE VALUE TO YOUR PRODUCTS ILAPAK. Your best partner in packaging, with proven technology & experience, focused on your products. Packaging fresh produce is undoubtedly one of the most challenging applications to perfect. Ilapak’s packaging machinery is built to withstand very humid production environments, to handle the produce with extreme delicacy, thoroughly clean easily and to produce attractive packs that protect product freshness. Turn-key solutions Ilapak’s proven long experience in the fresh produce industry is expertly applied to our entire range of reliable, flexible and innovative packaging machinery and automatic lines designed and manufactured with your needs in mind. Flexibility Unique range of pack styles and sealable wrapping materials including paper, laminate and net. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified At Ilapak we give you our commitment, our 360° Commitment. You want us to cover it all for you: from the first project meeting with one of our industry specialists, to maintaining your machine with one of our factory trained locally-based engineers, you expect us to think around the issues and deliver the solutions, and that is exactly what we do, from every angle, 360°. Complete turn key solutions starting from product handling to distribution systems, automated feeding systems, primary packaging and case packing Salad Tomatoes Potatoes Peppers Carrots Various vegetables IQF Available in the following formats: Busta carry fresh con maniglia Block bottom con finestra e maniglia Pillow HFFS con clip Net Clipping Hygienic design State-of-the-art technology and design to provide the highest degree of hygienic machine execution for fresh products. Pillow bag Horizontal Modularity Modular system design Handling Diverting Buffering Pillow Ultrasonic Feeding & Dosing Quality Control Packaging Multi-head dosing Foreign matter detection Flowrapping Linear counting & weighing Product mixing Vertical bagging Modified Atmosphere packaging Net clipping Preformed bagging Quality Control End of Line Foreign Matter Detection Case packing Pillow Block Bottom with window and handle Wicketed bag Carry Fresh Net clipping All Ilapak equipment can perform easy, quick and reliable size change operation to match the today multi format production line requirements. One Source Supplier Ilapak’s goal is to be your one source supplier for all your packaging system’s needs: spare parts, service or training, we offer it all via our global network of technical and custom care teams.

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Catalogue Machines ILAPAK_Divers

Catalogue Machines ILAPAK_Divers


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