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Extrait du catalogue Catalogue Gamme TW - Servomoteurs avec variateur intégré

TW Motors with Integrated Servodrive Supported Models Size 3 03A02A.40.4 Size 5 [310 DC Bus] 0503A.30.2 0506A.20.2 Size 5 05A03A.40.4 05A06A.30.4 05A09A.20.4 Size 7 0720C.40.4 0730C.30.4 0740C.20.4 TW TW Motor Series TW Motor Series THE NEW TORQUEWIRE SERIES OF INTEGRAL SERVO SYSTEMS SETS A NEW STYLE IN COMPLEX AUTOMATIC MACHINERY ARCHITECTURE TorqueWire motors are complete, self sufficient servo axis building blocks which allow the design, integration and operation of large multi axis systems with minimum hardware and surprising ease. The TorqueWire motor system consists of an advanced, high performance rare earth brushless servo motor, a DSP based, high voltage interpolating servo drive and a single or multi turn absolute encoder, all assembled in a very compact IP 67 protected frame. The motor systems are controlled via a multi drop CANOpen fieldbus (or EtherCAT fieldbus), linking together groups of motors on a single bus system. The motors are supplied from a common DC bus and braking energy from any drive is intrinsically recycled on any other axis on the network. The performance of TorqueWire originates from the advanced design of both motor and drives. The motor parts take advantage of a novel, patent pending winding design, along with new magnetic materials and a special winding technique, all of which result in a servo motor with about 60% of the size of a conventional servo design. Such advantage is invested in both temperature rise derating and space for the drive, so that TorqueWire motors, including the drive, are smaller than comparable motors with similar rating. Phase Motion Control TW Motor Series TW Motor Series TW Motor Series create a different approach to complex automatic machinery architecture. They are complete, self sufficient servo axis building blocks which allow the design, integration and operation of large multi axis systems with minimum and simplified hardware. Application Mode of operation TW option ordering code » Work-piece setting for wood and metal forming » Packaging, bottling, wrapping, especially on rotary machines (single wire control for multi axis) » Tool changers » Laser plotter » Pick and place robots » Mould automation » Assembly machines The TW motor is compatible with CiA DS301 V4.02 and with some functionalities of the CiA DSP402 V2.0 (Device Profile Drives and Motion Control): » Profile position mode » Profile velocity mode » Interpolated position mode » Factor group » Homing mode » Cyclic Synchronous Velocity mode (CSV) » Cyclic Synchronous Position mode (CSP) The baud rate and node-id setting are provided by the CiA DSP305 V1.1 (Layer Setting Services protocol) Optional integrated holding brake (B) Optional shaft forelock (K) Optional expansion board: EtherCAT – COE (CANOpen Over EtherCAT protocol) Main features The TW series is particularly innovative in the electromagnetic compatibility approach. As there are no cables between drive and motor, and also between sensor and drive, the system has a very low RFI emission signature and an equally reduced susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. The drive is designed and validated for high level vibration and wide temperature range. The design is free from electrolythic capacitors, thus enabling long life even in temperature. Typical Supply Voltage Range: 310 – 560 Vdc Rated Torque Range: 2.4 Nm – 80 Nm Type of cooling: natural convection, forced air cooling over frame, liquid cooling Servo Integrated Drive Integrated RFI filter Class B Protection degree: IP 67 Feedback devices Endat Heidenhain Absolute Encoder single or multi-turn (280 arcsec accuracy) Two pole resolver TW specific functions The TW Motor specific functions are: » Torque (current) mode » Auxiliary digital input for emergency disable » 2nd order digital filters » Rotary table control TW programming Phase tools Configuration and control tool: Cockpit 3 Integrated powerful debugging tool: SoftScope Multilanguage support: English, Chinese and Italian STO Function STO Safety Function Performance (TUV certified) STO function on TW03A - TW05A motor accords to IEC EN 61800-5-2:2007 SIL CAPABILITY: the comparison between PFH value, SFF value and HFT value shows that STO function on TW03A - TW05A motor reach a level of SIL3

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Catalogue Gamme TW - Servomoteurs avec variateur intégré

Catalogue Gamme TW - Servomoteurs avec variateur intégré


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