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Extrait du catalogue Catalogue Delavan 2013

Spray Nozzles Global Product Guide version 2 The most frequently specified nozzles for general industrial applications Welcome to Delavan meeting the challenges of new industries and new markets Delavan is proud to be part of the Goodrich Corporation. Since the company was founded in 1935, the Delavan name has always stood for quality, flexibility and reliability. Today Delavan Spray Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality nozzles and fluid handling systems. Operating from dedicated manufacturing and design facilities in the UK and USA, Delavan supplies more than 30,000 components to thousands of customers in virtually every imaginable manufacturing and processing industry. With distributors in more than 60 countries around the world, Delavan products, expertise and quality are all available globally. Specialist design teams can also provide bespoke design, manufacture and installation of everything from a single nozzle to a complete fluid handling system. From metal finishing to paper production, from the chemical industry to food processing, from brewing to the mining, steel, automotive, oil heating and water industries….the name on the world’s finest nozzles and fluid handling system is Delavan. Delavan Spray Technologies Widnes, United Kingdom Whichever nozzle you choose, you can be sure of its quality. Delavan’s quality control procedures ensure that both incoming materials and outgoing orders are routinely checked to ensure they meet rigorous quality standards. We can also adapt our manufacturing processes to meet the precise demands of recognised standards in many other industries around the world. This brochure has been designed as an overview and features the majority of our most commonly used industrial products. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of our products and further information can be found on our website or by contacting the office. Delavan now also offer a range of specialist product brochures including Spray Drying, Steel Industry, Variable Coating Nozzle (VCN) and Swirl Air. Contact our Helpline or your local distributor for further information Tel: +44 (151) 424 6821 or inside USA Toll Free: 1-800 Delavan E-mail: or 2 Nozzle Technology INTRODUCTION This page gives a basic introduction to nozzle technology. To help you make the best use of Delavan products and services we have produced a full 40 page guide to spray nozzle technology. This is available on our web site and is designed to take you through the fundamentals of spray technology step by step. TYPES OF NOZZLE A SELECTION OF TYPICAL SPRAY PATTERNS FLAT SPRAY An elliptical orifice formed by the intersection of a ‘V’ groove with a hemispherical cavity. Nozzle Diagram Spray Diagram In addition there are variations on these sprays for specific applications. Please refer to the Application Guide section on our website. These are:a) Flat sprays b) Hollow cone sprays c) Solid cone sprays d) Air atomising sprays In addition there are variations on these sprays for specific applications. Refer to the Application Guide section. Delavan produces a vast range of spray nozzles with many variations on each basic type. Your choice of nozzle will depend on several key factors. These are: HOLLOW CONE A circular exit orifice which is preceded by a swirl chamber with a tangential inlet. Nozzle Diagram Spray Diagram 1. Flow rate (capacity) 2. Operating pressure 3. Spray pattern 4. Spray angle SOLID CONE 5. Liquid to be sprayed A circular exit orifice which is preceded by a swirl chamber with a multi-slotted in-line distributor and central line. 6. Quality of atomisation 7. Material of manufacture To help you with your choice of spray nozzle, each of the above key factors is discussed in detail on our website. Nozzle Diagram Spray Diagram AIR ATOMISING These are produced by using air as the atomising agent and sprays are generally of the external (siphon or pressure) and internal (pressure) mix design. Spray Diagram 3

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Catalogue Delavan 2013

Catalogue Delavan 2013


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