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Advance Concrete AutoCAD

Advance Concrete AutoCAD

 Advance Concrete was specifically developed for structural engineers and detailers seeking a simple to use and completely integrated package in AutoCAD® to create all their [...] + informations

Advance Concrete AutoCAD

 Advance Concrete was specifically developed for structural engineers and detailers seeking a simple to use and completely integrated package in AutoCAD® to create all their construction drawings.

Perfectly integrated into AutoCAD®, Advance Concrete significantly accelerates the initial design phase of buildings by offering detailers and engineers a library of drag and drop structural elements (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations), openings (doors, windows, depressions, openings, niches), bars (straight bars, point bars, frames, pin bars, stirrups), materials and standard sections.

Once the model is complete, Advance Concrete generates all construction drawings using a large selection of view production tools, dimensions, locations, symbols and automatic layout functions.

All the necessary tools are provided for fast and efficient modeling. Initial creation of a precise model is important since Advance Concrete will subsequently create all structural and reinforcement drawings from this model. Advance Concrete provides all the specialized functionalities required for the creation of reinforced concrete structures:

  • Complete library of structural elements (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations)
  • Complete library of openings (doors, windows, depressions, floor openings, niches)
  • Complete library of hole shapes (rectangular, circular, polygonal)
  • Materials and sections libraries
  • Levels management tools
  • Parametric Reinforcement: Advance Concrete 6.1 enables assignment of parametric reinforcement attributes for each object (beam, column, openings). Reinforcement drawings are then automatically created! The user can also create custom reinforcement templates and associate them to structural elements.

    Advance Concrete can work in 2D or 3D depending on the user's preference and the type of structure being modeled. Advance Concrete supports all basic AutoCAD ® concepts and functions (snap points, grip points, copy, etc.). 
    Once the model is completed, the creation of the construction drawing can begin: sections, elevations, foundations drawings, isometric views, total or partial cuts, etc.

    Using Advance Concrete's powerful reinforcement tools, the user can quickly generate bars and fabrics and distribute the objects. The software automatically creates material lists and steel ratios.
    Advance Concrete offers large libraries of bars and fabrics and offers the option of creating and storing custom reinforcement objects. While creating custom reinforcements, the user can modify all bar and fabric properties and see the modifications being applied in real time.
    Finally, to further accelerate drawing completion, Advance Concrete offers a large selection of automatic dimensioning and locating tools:

  • Associative and dynamic dimension lines
  • Interactive locations
  • Smart symbols and markings
  • Advance Concrete lends itself to your methods and tools

    With Advance Concrete, the user can draw reinforcement objects on: 

  • AutoCAD® 2D drawings 
  • Calculated views generated from an Advance Concrete formwork/structural drawing 
  • Autodesk Architectural Desktop views. 
    Advance Concrete facilitates the creation of paper drawings
  • Automation of AutoCAD® paper space 
  • Simple drag and drop of drawings on the paper
  • Views have dynamic properties : scales, rotations
  • History of drawings and views (version control)
  • In addition to creation of construction drawings, Advance Concrete also provides complete structural estimation: volume of concrete, surface of formwork, etc.

    Assistance: Advance Concrete provides all the learning tools to quickly master its main functions:

  • Complete on-line help
  • What's this function on every tool and object
  • Self paced training with a built-in Advance Concrete Learning Program
  • A brand of Infopro Digital